Engineered by Locksmiths

Designed for success

ULTRA PICK is ready to use, out of the box, without the need to assemble on site. 

Achieving a better run of the lever pack and accessing all levers consistently to enable confident decoding and strong feedback across the whole range of locks.

Quick and easy change wires with no small moving parts   

ULTRA PICK Professional pick Locksmiths

Why Eight Ball engineered the pick

ULTRA PICK has been designed with one simple objective in mind to open locks. The ability to open a lock is a skilled craft but enhanced by ULTRA PICK to deliver outstanding results every time it is used.


The size of the pick body creates a higher platform to place the wire in. This places the wire in an optimum position to give better
free access to the lever pack. 

It’s also designed with a stand-off between the working end of the pick body and the handle. This is to enable locks to be picked when door handles are not easily removed making locks like the Vectis achievable.


The shape of the pick creates great surface contact between the pick and the lock. to enable the picker to receive good consistent feedback when picking

The Ultra pick engages with the barrel and curtain securely and holds in position. This creates a consistent positioning that is really useful when decoding those locks with a specific picking method.


Consistent to use across a wide range of lock sizes. A continuous taper enables the pick to sit in the curtain in the same position from 8 – 4 ½ gauge locks. This means that our pick works the same in locks that are worn and where variations in size, caused by imperfections in engineering that can be expected in lock manufacturing, exist, something locksmiths know well.

Thumb Turn

The wire is securely held by the thumb turn which gives maximum feedback, whilst  retaining ease to switch between wires without the need for a grub screw. The thumb turn is 3D printed in two pieces that slide together. It is easy to change wires when used in the correct way. It will hold the wire firmly even when some levers require extra pressure to lift them.

Designed for use by professional locksmiths…

We have tested ULTRA PICK for over 12 months on a wide range of lock sizes. Returning a 100% success rate to date.

Lock picking at its very best

The ULTRA PICK has been tested for 12 months by a number of locksmiths from Mark Ward and Andy Love to other less experienced pickers,
including a complete novice, to ensure that the ULTRA PICK is suitable to be used by all ability levels after the right training and guidance.

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Mortice Lock Picking Courses

As with our tools our training is designed for success

ULTA Pick 8 ball engineering

To gain full advantage of this pick book online to one of our fantastic training courses hosted by Master Locksmiths with over 30 years of industry experience.

Training is designed to enable you to understand the types of lever and anti-pick components. This understanding will give a strong foundation to continue to enhance your skill as a picker after the course and is vital when you are challenged with a new lock.

Known methods for common locks will also be taught. All picks and locks are provided for our training.

Designed for professional locksmiths

Designed and engineered by master locksmiths for the locksmithing industry, professional, integrity and trust.

ULTRA PICK thumbturn feel touch lockpicking

Thumb turn designed
for ease and feel.

ULTRA PICK Professional lockmsiths pick

Robust, consistent to use one-piece body.

ULTRA PICK lock pick tool 8ball engineering

2 sets of wires in every kit supplied.

Hero wires 8 ball engineering wire sets

Wire Sets

Additional wire sets are available

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