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Our Locksmith Training Courses are designed to give you the confidence you need.

Each locksmith training course we deliver to locksmiths is been designed to give you the knowledge you need to go out a confidently pick most of the mortice locks sold in the UK today. We have spent years accumulating this knowledge and along side the ULTRA PICK we will ensure you leave the session confident in your lock picking skills. As well as our highly reputed Mortice Lock Picking Course we will be adding further lock type courses in the future.

mortice lock picking training session eightball engineering

Why train with us?

Eight Ball Engineering delivers a full-day comprehensive course on mortice lock picking. We have designed and developed a tool for picking mortice locks. This is the background we have invested in our training sessions. We have highly skilled professional locksmiths and trainers on our courses with over 3o years of industry knowledge and mortice lock picking skills ready to train you.

Designed for use by professional locksmiths…

We have successfully run training courses for Mortice Lock Picking in the UK. With our professional experience, you will reach an accomplished level of mortice lock picking by the end of the day. We welcome complete novices to experienced locksmiths.

Lock picking at its very best

The ULTRA PICK has been tested for 12 months by a number of locksmiths from Mark Ward, Stuart Game, Mark Santi and Andy Love to other less experienced pickers, including a complete novice, to ensure that the ULTRA PICK is suitable to be used by all ability levels after the right training and guidance.

Mortice Opening Courses

As with our tools our training is designed for success

ULTA Pick 8 ball engineering

To gain full advantage of this pick book online to one of our fantastic training courses hosted by Master Locksmiths with over 30 years of industry experience.

Training is designed to enable you to understand the types of lever and anti-pick components. This understanding will give a strong foundation to continue to enhance your skill as a picker after the course and is vital when you are challenged with a new lock.

Known methods for common locks will also be taught. All picks and locks are provided for our training.

Don’t take our word for it see the results for themselves.

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