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ULTRA Gearbox Jig

Convenient, effective, and simple!

An innovative jig for improving your gearbox change overs.

The ULTRA Gearbox Jig keeps all parts close to the door keeping the small parts together.

Not only does it make replacing gearboxes easier and time saving, it also looks more professional.

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A cradle for holding Gearboxes and organising small parts that are dirty and some are easily lost when replacing failed units.

Replacing the gearbox requires the removal of Handles, Cylinders this results in dirty mechanical parts and small screws. The Multi point lock also becomes very weak when the gearboxes are removed.

  • The ULTRA Gearbox Jig keeps all parts close to the door keeping the small parts together

  • It makes replacing the gearboxes easier, saving you time

  • It looks professional to your customers

  • Avoids damage or mess to customers floors, window sills or any other surface used during the job to place the cylinders, spindles or screws. These all get dirty and rusty

  • Makes the job easier. This is an overlooked factor because gearbox changes are considered a really easy job but reassembling can sometimes be tricky without being held in place

The ULTRA Gearbox Jig is produced using Additive Engineering through 3D printing.

As well as the ability to produce consistently high quality tools, it is also more environmentally friendly as the development and production process incurs significantly less waste than traditional methods.


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